Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I've been inspired by The Compulsive Confessor's post series "Today in Photo" and since one of the few places I do post religiously is Instagram - I decided to write about the #2015BestNine

As you can tell, I instagrammed 247 photies in this year which is like a post every 2nd day.
Three images are from the fabulous vacation I took this year to Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Munich (Germany) - the divine strawberry cake at the Cafe in the beautiful Schloss Nymphenburg, the grand hall of the palace itself and the view from the walls of Old Town in Dubrovs :). 
Two are from a long overdue (14 years) but super short trip to Londonium where I went after my entry was selected in a worldwide challenge set up by the parent company (Proud Moment). One is of the epic London eye from the Golden Jubilee bridges and other just the sky over Picadilly.
The photo in the Green vehicle is with Ed Sheeran (also close encounter in an elevator - swooon!).
Two are from #92MainAvenue which is where I do spend a majority of my time and just reminds me to appreciate the many small joys of my life - being able to leave work to see a beautiful sunset and able to see a stunning cloud formation and not be holed up in tiny cubicle.
The last one is a passing shot of the sun on the way to Pune for a family wedding.

A lot of my instagram feed I'm told is alcohol #cocktailchronicles and food #yummyforme but these things are what you do with friends and family so...**shrugs** 
I enjoy capturing the small details that make me happy everday and while I don't actually do the #100DaysofHappy I do understand how it helps you to focus on the small moments!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Self appointed Tag Situation - Sisterhood of the World Q & A

So The Blue Bride did this tag on her blog and I have decided to tag myself coz I found I had actually had stuff to say on this one...

One beauty product you would recommend to your girlfriends
Without doubt, this is Shu Uemura cleansing oil - I'm a firm believer in taking off makeup at night even it's just Kajal, it must come off and I have been through the pulling and yanking with cotton wool and cleanser - this oil is a magic liquid that you put on your skin, smear it around, wait 30 seconds and then... wash your face - that's it! all the goop is off and you can resume life as usual!

Three books everyone must read
The top of this list is 'Tuesdays with Morrie' - Mitch Albom may have become preachier after this but this book always tugs at my heart strings espescially when he describes Morrie dancing - I think it's a way to live your life.
The second book is more of a series but Harry Potter has so many life lessons as whole - awe inspiring imagination, how to be a friend, how different is not bad - the list is endless  plus an amazing storyline with the classic how to choose between good and evil.
I had difficulty choosing a third book and I wanted to choose something that I came back to frequently but those are pretty much for me like Georgette Heyer, or Jack Higgins 'Sheba' and thus have decided to go with Amitav Ghosh's Shadow Lines because something about this book haunted me and judging by discussions, I've had on it, everyone takes away something different.

Favourite online shopping site

I would have to go with Jabong - I hate the name but the kind of brands and discounts on the site make it a daily visit for me :)!

Favourite phone app

Scribd - I use this app so much Im actually a beta tester...Scribd was legitimised a few years ago with publishers like Hachette, Simon and Schuster providing content to the app and I spend hours on it - reading rubbish I might add - I do blame Scribd for preventing me from reading actual books so I'm not sure if it counts.

One dish you are really good at making and its recipe
Does Scrambled eggs count? That's really the only thing I can make - my office jokes I need google maps to find the kitchen in the house and in turn, I tell them that the glass door cupboards are really handy for storing shoes as you can clearly see them.
Scrambled eggs recipe:
2 eggs, quarter cup milk, salt, pepper, one green chilly chopped up fine
mix in a bowl till yolk and everything is dissolved and put in microwave yes microwave for 30 seconds, take out, mix again and then in microwave again for 30 seconds and voila, scrambled eggs ready to eat. Best accompanied by toast and butter which I don't think I need to tell you how to make.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

If I were stranded on a desert island

I would take
  1. My Husband - sure I love him and all that but more importantly,he makes the coffee in the morning
  2. Online library subscription - This is the 21st century - Noone goes anywhere without an internet device!
  3. A Coca-Cola machine -It sounds worse than what it is but I am a coke addict!

Random Musings - 104?

Pinterest is still my obsession but Hurrah! I have actually implemented stuff that I have learnt from it.

  • Dry Body Brushing - did not actually work out since with my sensitive skin, I literally brushed some of it off but I tried it
  • Green Monsters - inspite of the scary name, these are just fruit smoothies with spinach added and other ingredients which we are trying to have in the morning
  • Olive oil and honey mask for the hair
  • Baking soda and Vinegar drain cleaner - worked quite well on the bathroom sink
Most people use the site for inspiration and this is true for me too especially since I moved into a new house and wanted to look at pretty pictures even I could not afford the same!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travel Woes

The thought for today is where to travel...is familiarity and comfort more important than novel experience?
I've had this toss up before most notably in the Turtle bay vs Hong Kong debate which became a null decision since mother fell sick and had to cancel Turtle bay but the new place had won.
However this year, I did a new place and cannot say was impressed by it even though it came with many good reviews.In my life, where leave is an issue and money sometimes, it pinches to waste both on an average experience!
So the husband and his BFF and wife love Samui and thus want to go there all the time, in this case specifically for New Year's Eve! Now I loved the honeymoon and thought it had a fantastic vibe but I hate to go to the same place twice when I can try something new but was thinking, Thailand assures you of a fantastic experience and you cannot go wrong with it - whereas if I insist on someplace new for example Hampi and it does not work out, it seems to be self defeating! Also the other argument is that the value for money is much higher in a place like Thailand than anywhere in India where expensive rates are not a guarantee of good service or standard!

In other information, thanks to pinterest, I now have some very exotic locations on my to visit list.

addition # 1 Lake Bled in Slovenia - where the water is so clear, you can see under the boat!
this is a picture pinned by Lauren G which I think looks amazing....similar picture is the Hilton at Bora Bora.

addition # 2 Austria Green Lake in the Hochschwab mountains - would it not be amazing to take a break while diving and just sit on the bench waiting for you there?

Side note: ok so clearly my first time posting in this new blogger template and while it looks cleaner (much like gmail), it does feel too sanitized!

Friday, November 18, 2011

on friends

I never realised it's been almost 7 months since I last feel the need to say something! I think I might have forgotten the password to blogger but it's one of the 3 that I use everywhere so got lucky there, unlike my internet banking password where I have set a new one every time I use the damn thing due to my inability to remember what I had chosen the last time - this is further exacerbated by the fact taht they expect you to change every 3 months in any case which means about the time I sort of remember, it's due for change!

There has been a series of minor events in my life - trying to set up a house, hating afore mentioned house, house developing leak, living at mother's for 2 months, finding new house, living with only 2 chairs in new house for nearly 2 months now but still...the floor is sparkling white so feels good to sit on it!

In other news, the BFF had a second baby so I trotted over the 2 oceans and god knows how many countries to visit her, my 2 and three-quarters old godson (first time seeing him by the way) and the new bonny boy who crossed 5 kilos at the 4 weeks stage! I really enjoyed spending time with R and not doing anything at all but chilling in the house and sort of helping to look after the boys (read as letting baby D sleep on me while R rushes around changing, feeding and bathing the baby not to mention the 2.5 yo!!) - very good sort of assistant I is - I tell ya!

on the way  back, stopped off in HK and spent a night with the charade - was great catching up and we stayed up till 2.30 talking - don't ask me about what!
It was this and the 'depression' I have suffered since then which actually brought me back to this forum.

I am 30 years old (yeah that's the other eventful thing that happened - I crossed over to the dark side - was so unhappy could not even do a recap post!) and at this point, 2 of my friends from college live in this city! Hanging out with the girls kinda causes a wrench in my chest because no matter how much I love the friends I have here today, nothing quite compares to someone who has known you for half your life, if not more in some cases! out of the group of 12 girls, around  6 -8 of us are still in fairly close touch one way or another, some more than others leading to everyone being fairly aware of what all are doing. Out of these, 5 are from the same school so even more history from that....these girls understand where you come from always, you have made so many memories, its very easy to share the new ones - somehow we are invested in the children as well coz they are 'of' the friends. It's very easy to resume a conversation even if the last one was years ago. It was not just me who felt this way - both R and Charade also commented on how comfortable and nice it was to just have a conversation in person - another friend also remarked on how she was missing other girls who in turn responded with the same sentiment (maybe we all just 'mawkish'?).
I think part of the problem for me is it's much more difficult to make friends as an adult than as a child/teenager - if you join a university, those people might be carried with you but post that.....I think for me also, I was very happy with the friends that I have and object to replacing the people who suit me just fine even if they live continents away -I'd rather have a phone conversation once a week with the BFF than dinner every day with someone else!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oscar Worthy?

I feel like I watched a movie after months - Actually I did watch a movie after months! The Husbaand went off to babysit his best friend (whose wife and child are absconding in the UK) and I decided to catch up on some Oscar fare! I started with The Kids Are All Right followed by the much touted Social Network.

I have to say I cannot understand the typecast butch with the short hair and the manly clothes! I'm certain there must be relationships where both are feminine or both are somewhat butch. In this case, Annette Bening is called Nick, dresses in trousers and vests - I understand the controlling part but the need to be masculine? is it not possible to be lesbian, in charge and feminine? I understood Julianne Moore's character more - the sleeping with the man does not imply she is straight or even bisexual just that she is tortured and making bad choices to force the situation. The movie is good but apart from the fact that it was a same sex relationship, all the issues seem the same. Mark Ruffalo as the 'F***ing Interloper' trying to move into a ready made family, was the best thing in the movie for me but I cannot understand the non conclusion of the sub plots like Joni kissing the boy or Tanya and the other fruit picker (this maybe just me though with the need to tie up all threads!).
Having read "The Accidental Billionaire', I have to say the movie stayed true to the book in most part but still the book had more impact. Maybe watching the movie, little less than a year after everyone else creates a certain prejudice but I was certainly not raving about the film. The book very clearly states that for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the biggest thing in the world but that did not come out for me in the movie. In the case of Eduardo Saverin, the things he might have done seem personal and the point of Sean Parker is not overtly stated as a threat. The music does set the scene and Jesse Eisenberg acts the part of a borderline genius but I'm not sure that A Girl is the source of all his angst.

I also thought that the films very not very gripping but that could be the effect of watching them at home on a not very large screen - the distractions and ability to pause does not create the tension to pay attention! I really could not understand the Oscar hype around the films in comparison to previous films which I loved - The Reader, Million Dollar Baby, even Life is Beautiful! 

Next on the list to conquer - True Grit and The Fighter.