Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I've been inspired by The Compulsive Confessor's post series "Today in Photo" and since one of the few places I do post religiously is Instagram - I decided to write about the #2015BestNine

As you can tell, I instagrammed 247 photies in this year which is like a post every 2nd day.
Three images are from the fabulous vacation I took this year to Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Munich (Germany) - the divine strawberry cake at the Cafe in the beautiful Schloss Nymphenburg, the grand hall of the palace itself and the view from the walls of Old Town in Dubrovs :). 
Two are from a long overdue (14 years) but super short trip to Londonium where I went after my entry was selected in a worldwide challenge set up by the parent company (Proud Moment). One is of the epic London eye from the Golden Jubilee bridges and other just the sky over Picadilly.
The photo in the Green vehicle is with Ed Sheeran (also close encounter in an elevator - swooon!).
Two are from #92MainAvenue which is where I do spend a majority of my time and just reminds me to appreciate the many small joys of my life - being able to leave work to see a beautiful sunset and able to see a stunning cloud formation and not be holed up in tiny cubicle.
The last one is a passing shot of the sun on the way to Pune for a family wedding.

A lot of my instagram feed I'm told is alcohol #cocktailchronicles and food #yummyforme but these things are what you do with friends and family so...**shrugs** 
I enjoy capturing the small details that make me happy everday and while I don't actually do the #100DaysofHappy I do understand how it helps you to focus on the small moments!

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